The "Asso di Picche"
Since 1961 it is the centre of Giulianova's social life.

It's a trendy club offering an efficient cafeteria service, located within walking distance to the Giulianova seafront. Just walked in, you are struck by the modern furniture and the excellent wine selection, geared towards biological and biodynamic. The creamy and chocolaty expresso perfectly blends with croissants and pastries. At lunch, the atmosphere livens up with a buffet of first and second courses cooked to order. Seafood is also available. It's the ideal place for a happy hour, standing appointment for Giulianova's guys. It offers tramezzino sandwiches, stuffed focaccia breads and pizzas, accompanied by cocktails and fresh fruit juices. The service is kind and professional.
Source: Gambero Rosso 2018 Guide - page 297
Since 1961 Opened since 1961, Asso di Picche is a multifaceted bar able to satisfy every costumers' need. Its work philosophy, based on passion and respect, provided it an attached clientele and a special reward from Gambero Rosso, one of the major experts in the enogastronomic industry.
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Since 6:30 in the morning the bar livens up. Breakfast is the trait of the entire activity. It has always been used the Major Coffee blend of Saquella's brand, made of 95% Arabica Coffee and 5% Robusta Coffee. This characteristic blend gives to your coffee a delicate and soft taste.
During the course of the morning, costumers are used to take a break with fresh-squeezed juices and, approaching to lunchtime, various aperitifs. At lunchtime, the bar offers a large variety of simple yet tasty dishes. The great importance given to the ingredient selection and to their preparation has led to the predilection for vegetables from biodynamic crops, produced without the aid of pesticides, respecting the clients' and territory's health.
At evening, the atmosphere lightens up and costumers can take the edge off with cocktails, wines, Proseccos and sparkling wines. They often are entertained with recreational and cultural events
. The wine cellar is consistently increased by wines derived from local producers. The experience in the drinks preparation and the great variety of wines always provoke new sensorial experiences.

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