In 1961, Asso di Picche

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was the typical Italian provincial bar: coffee, liquors, pool table and football and Sanremo on TV. It was mainly frequented by a male clientele. In this bar, days were characterized by debates about sports, guys' pranks and various other amusements. Nevertheless, the atmosphere was calm and familiar. It was made of little things such as eating an ice cream or a sweet with the whole family on Sunday.
The '70s quickly passed in the same spirit, under the leadership of Luigi and Giuseppina
And then the fabulous '80s arrived!
There was a radical change: Asso di Picche had to become a meeting point for families, men and women of all ages.
The bar reinvented its location and products. The attention to the quality of the ingredients grew up and at the same time the variety of dishes and products offered. It became popular for its breakfast, afternoon teas and aperitifs. Television was replaced with music. Now, Antonella, Maurizio and Emiliano are the driving force of all the transformations.
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Today Asso di Picche pays an exceptional attention to the coffee blends selection and to the preparation of expressos, cappuccinos and every cafeteria product. The wine cellar is extremely vast, such as the selection of dishes for the lunchbreak. Cocktails are always served with delicious appetizers. For costumers with food intolerance specific products are served, and for the ones who want to keep fit fresh-squeezed juices and milkshakes are prepared. The staff is kind and professional.
In 2014 Asso di Picche has been included in the "Bar d'Italia del Gambero Rosso" guide, with a favourable review.
The efforts of the bar's staff to improve the location and the products served will never stop!